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This web-space is in its first form a space for scheduling and rescheduling, organizing. And should be seen as a space where windows appear.


My visual work arises from a need to aestheticise logics. Playing with mathematical rhythms to establish an order and regularity allowing form and concept of the work to join as one. This order is certainly not conceived beforehand, it develops itself during the operation, the contact with the material, solving its problems, giving restriction to its open space.

Like playing a game with self-invented rules. First of all with quite liquid and naive rules, but not without analysis. While changing the rules during playing they`ll become a better functioning system of parts that relate to each other.

I'm trying to find a translation of a certain space. Not a space that tries to be a monument but a space of execution, whose language arises in its own operation. A space that is open, which defines itself while accepting new discoveries and rapid alternations, to finally become a single serial structure with solid boundaries.

Currently i’m researching the drawing and the possibilities of ceramics and its reproduction in my visual work.

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